Will the dc7700 motherboard work in a dc5100?

Hello.. I have a hp dc5100mt intel p4 ht that don't have a pcie x16 slot, and I was wondering if a motherboard out of a hp dc7700mt would work? They both have the lga775 socket I think.I was also wondering which processor was better the Intel 4 ht, or the Intel dual core? which one is the latest? Any and all info will be greatly appreciated as I am kinda computer illiterate.....Thanks.........Dan
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  1. I would like to know this as well.
  2. I just swapped out a DC5100 SFF motherboard and installed a DC7700 Intel 404674-001 SFF motherboard that I purchased on eBay. The DC7700 Intel 965 express chipset is a much better chipset than the older 915 and has better HD graphics processing. The swap was painless. The DC5100 SFF case is the same as the DC7700, so the fit was exact. The only minor issues that I have is that the pinouts for the power switch/drive LED header (black) is different on the DC7700, so I don't have operational LED power and drive activity indicators. The power button itself works OK. Also, the pinouts for the front panel audio connector (blue) was changed so the front panel audio out jack is now non-operational. I'm trying to identify the pinouts so that I can change the wire positions on the header plugs and hopefully make them fully functional. I will post if I do figure them out. Be aware that the DC7700 does not have any IDE headers, so if you have any legacy IDE drives you won't be able to use them unless you install a PCI IDE card. However, the DC7700 motherboard does have 4 SATA headers vs. only two on the DC5100 motherboard. If you purchase a replacement motherboard from eBay or elsewhere, be very careful about what features you are getting. There are some version of the DC7700 SFF motherboard that has only one PCIE slot and only 2 SATA headers. The DC7700 LGA775 supports the Intel Core 2 Duo. Mine came with an E6300 1.86 gHz CPU which is much smoother at processing HD video and multitasking than the older P4s. It also is lower wattage (65watt TDP) and therefore runs cooler than the P4. CPU heatsink/fan is the same for P4 or Core 2 CPUs. I'm replacing the stock fans with silent PWM fans and adding some bimetal thermostatic temperature switches on the fans that activate at 40C. That will keep the system virtually silent until the internal or CPU temp reaches 40C and kicks on the fans. All-in-all, it's now an excellent and very inexpensive base system for building a HTPC based on Linux and MythTV.
  3. :hello: Thanks lconfer. This answers pretty much every question I could have asked. I think you've covered everything. I won't have any surprises now.
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