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Ok so my mobo started giving me problems and after getting it repaired it went dead in 2 weeks time, model no-Asus P8B75-M and now its obvious that i am getting a new mobo and so have decided to go for a better one, I have 2 options 1. Asus P8H67-M EVO 2. Asrock Z77-Pro4, so my first question is which one should I go for and secondly as you can see the options which I have chosen have different chipsets than my current board, so will it cause my Windows to crash? and I couldnt get to back up my data and there are still files that I need in my primary drive, so I know it might give me errors such as hardware change and blablabla but would I atleast be able to get it to start up and and possibly transfer my data from the primary drive to my other drive and then format my C drive and install a fresh copy of Windows?
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  1. You may get lucky. I changed from an 880 ati chipset amd board to an Intel h61 chipset board yesterday, and windows reconfigured my motherboard device drivers without having to format the hardrive. I only had to download the Intel inf driver off asus website. My new board has the newer UEFI bios. It may take windows 7 a few minutes to reconfigure your device drivers, and a restart or two for it to work. After windows was finished, I updated and installed windows security updates and did a thorough cleaning of the hardrive. I also disabled windows security protection, which gives me more space on my 32 gb ssd. It saved me an extra 7 gb, but you may want to leave windows security enabled (which creates restore points on your hardrive) if your hardrive is larger. I recommend the newer z77 asrock board or this one on sale at newegg:
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