Antec Three Hundred disk activity light: over-blinking?

Is the disk activity light on this case "special" in any way? For me, it's blinking essentially once or twice (or more) a second ALL the time, even when I've shut every possible last thing down (or am in Safe Mode) and Process Monitor even shows less activity than the light does.

Of course, it shows what I'd consider real activity too, and it gets obviously busier then, but that's expected. I have one SSD and one spinning drive.

My previous case, a Sonata with its larger light, did not display this issue, and I had a lot more running on that system, too. Is it something about the respective LEDs?

The only time the 300 shuts up? When I'm outside of Windows, say at the boot menu or the BIOS.
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  1. This mystery was beginning to drive me crazy, so I went on a deeper search.

    First, it's been reported here before:

    Next, there's this, which reveals the answer:

    Incessant polling of the DVD?! Seriously? The Technet thread there hashes it out in gory detail. Upshot: either ignore it, or disable the drive in DM and enable it as needed.

    It's unclear to me why I see this problem only now on a new system and not before, but as the Technet thread hinted, it may be a SATA thing: this system is pure SATA now, whereas before I had an IDE DVD. I guess that was enough to exempt me.

    Bottom line: this is pure craziness, since the light is incredibly misleading and makes it difficult to see actual disk access.
  2. Consider yourself fortunate, i built a rig for my dad in March housed in a 300.
    Apparently the hdd activity light doesn't blink at all.
    I never noticed = built one night and delivered the next day
    Hear about it all the time lol!
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