PSU for budget build

generally i put the corsair tx750 in my computers, but i've got a pure budget system going right now, and am looking for the best quality PSU at around $50-$55.

this is what it has to power:

asrock 890fx
960t (hopefully fully unlocked, didn't test it yet)
4gb 8-8-8-24 ripjaws 1333 1.5
gtx 560 (non ti)
old caviar 320gig hd
ide dvd burner drive
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  1. thanks for the response. didn't even realize xfx made psu's. was hoping to find something with a $59.99 tag and decent rebate...if not something just $50 flat out.
  2. I've never had a faulty Cooler Master PSU, a kinda loud one yes, but not faulty.
    Also OCZ / PC Power Cooling makes good stuff.
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