Constant FPS Drops

Hello, I built my new system about a months ago. For those who need the information here are a few of the specs:

Core i7 2600K @ default clock
ASUS GTX570 Direct CUII @ default clock

I've been hitting a problem while playing games like Combat Arms and CS:S. While playing these games, whenever there is moving text, or text counting down, such as numbers counting down when the bomb is planted, my FPS drops from 400 to about 90 and there are random freezes that last for about .5 second a time, 1 freeze per 2-3 seconds.

Weird thing is, the freezing stops when i install the updated graphics drivers, however, once I shutdown the computer, or restart the computer after the mandatory restart from the driver update, I begin freezing again. The same thing happens when I revert to the default drivers that came on the graphics card setup CD, no freezing, until the next boot prior to the mandatory restart.

I have also tried setting a custom nVidia profile per game, but it was to no avail..

If you need any more information about my system, drivers, etc., just ask.

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  1. Update the GPU and Chipset drivers to the latest. This could also be due to low latency in online games like CS
  2. Already have, there is still constant freezing while numbers are counting down.
  3. It's probably the games.Do you get the same thing when you play other games?
  4. I have a gaming laptop which plays these games without the random freezing.. but for some reason my new $1900 gaming desktop does~
  5. The thing that I don't understand is that after updating my drivers and going through the mandatory restart my game doesn't freeze. But after I shutdown/restart the computer after the mandatory restart (after 'm done playing), the problem comes up again.
  6. Sounds like the settings aren't being saved.Try installing the drivers again and this time look in the Advanced features for the card and see if it's running the versoin you installed.Then after you reboot,like you said you do,check to see what versoin you have.
  7. Everything stays the same after the reboot, but I still freeze.. Any thing else?
  8. Could just be a bad code somewhere.The way the processor and componets work together with the game to produce the graphic differs a lot from your laptop.It's different for ever PC.
  9. So there is no way to possibly fix it? Thats ridiculous... I don't understand how a bad line of code can work before a restart.. but not after.

    This is very frustrating for me since i shelled out all of this money for a great system but I freeze in in games that take up hardly any of my processor. This doesn't happen in more processor heavy games, such as cod4 and mw2..
  10. Like I said before it seems like something isn't saving.As a last resort you can try to re-install windows.A fresh install should clear up any applications that are conflicting
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