Some of motherboard socket pins are broken

Highlighted pins on the pic above, are absolutely destroyed, yet somehow the computer is running smoothly. Sound card controller, video card controller, ethernet card controller, temperature sensors etc etc are working. Everything seems pretty stable.

What are those pins responsible for? What am I not gonna be able to do on my computer from now on? :baunce:
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  2. id actually replace the motherboard just to be safe. im wondering how it even worked with so many bent pins. they could be just grounds
  3. Those pins are power (Vcc) and ground (Vss) pins. Your chip has hundreds of those and missing a few won't hurt it as there are plenty of other similar pins and for the most part they all feed into the same power plane- it is not like core 1 uses this set of Vcc/Vss pins and core 2 needs this set of Vcc/Vss pins. Missing those pins won't really matter unless you decide to really overclock it, in which case the remaining pins may end up carrying too much current and scorching the socket/bottom of CPU.

    If you damaged these pins yourself, I'd continue to keep using it. It is pretty easy to mash a few LGA pins if you accidentally drop the CPU or don't seat it perfectly- I might know that from experience :o However if you got your motherboard new and it arrived in this fashion, RMA it as you got a damaged part.
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