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Intel continuing LGA 1366? I might upgrade.

Back when Lynnfield was released on LGA 1156, Intel told the enthusiasts not to worry about a new socket because they would continue to have LGA 1366 be their enthusiast socket. Now that Sandy Bridge E is out on LGA 2011 and we are pretty sure that Ivy Bridge E will be on LGA 2011 as well, is there any chance Intel will come back to LGA 1366?

I'm asking because I currently have an i7 920 in a 1366 board, but am considering upgrading to either a higher-end 32nm i7 9xx and sticking with this motherboard, or waiting for Ivy Bridge E when that comes out. If Intel is still planning on using 1366, I would just upgrade my current CPU and keep this motherboard for whatever is coming next on 1366.

Yes, I know that this motherboard will be outdated by the time Ivy Bridge E comes out, but it does have USB 3.0 and Sata 6Gb/s. It'd only be missing PCI-E 3.0 and front USB 3.0 as far as I know at this point.
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  1. LGA1366 is a dead end with no new products coming out, you can certainly get good use out of it still.
  2. "It's dead, Jim"

    -Dr. McCoy.
  3. Just overclock ;)
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    Intel continued the life of LGA 1366 until the Gulftown 6 cores were released, they came after socket 1156 did, so they technically didn't lie. Than with Sandy Bridge they killed both sockets.
  5. Ah. Thanks guys. Looks like I'll either be sticking with my i7 920 or upgrading to a better i7 9xx.

    @loneninja I didn't realize that Gulftown came out after 1156, but you're right. I guess that is what Intel meant by keeping 1366 as the enthusiast socket.
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