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i have ASUS P5KPL AM SE mobo and its built in graphic card and i want to make some upgrade..i wonder which graphic card is compatible with it.pls... list down any option that i can choose spec.. core 2 duo,500W PSU
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  1. need to know
    speed of Core2Duo
    what resolution you are using
    and your budget
  2. We need to know some more specifics before we can start to help.

    What are your full system specs.?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is the make/model of your 500 watt PSU?
  3. The brand and model of the power supply would also help.
  4. Without knowing your budget, or the brand and model of your PSU (to know whether or not it really can provide 500W), the only "safe" choices I'd care to mention are a HD5570, HD6570, GT240, or GT440. They don't need an auxiliary power connector and will run on 250W-300W generic OEM PSUs.
  5. HD 5670/6670 without knowing specs
    runs great on my Dell 280w PSU
  6. Yeah, but Dell PSUs are better than some of the schlock out there. Some of the newer ones are even 80+ bronze.
  7. Your right
    dell actually rates them as Continous max not Peak max
    so it can run at 280w fine
    actually equal to about a 350w at Peak
    usually they are made by Hipro or Fortron

    Dell's customer service and business practices can be bad
    look at the bad capacitor issue with the towers between 2002-2004
    but do use reasonable name brand parts (samsung,infineon,WD etc)
    and they used japanese made Rubicon caps on my tower
    which is great

    but really not enthusiast friendly LOL
    even the XPS series can be a pain in the neck
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