New Dell Ultrasharp w-led monitors....

I was about to pull the trigger on the U2211H (below) which uses CCFL back lighting

when I saw that dell just released the U2412M (below).

A little research showed that they are planning on releasing the U2212HM which looks to be the successor to the U2211H.

I dont think the specs have been released yet but it seems to be pretty similar to the U2211H but with w-led back-lighting.

Basically, anyone think there is going to be a big difference between the older e-ips CCFL back-lighting vs the new e-ips w-led??

Either way I am probably going to hold out until the U2212HM is released before I make a decision but I would like to hear what yall have to say about the CCFL vs W-LED e-ips ultrasharp monitors.
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  1. WLED are blue LEDs with a yellow phosphorous coating to imitate white. This sometimes results in slightly bluish colors.
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