Gateway screen not working right

i have a gateway nv59 laptop. recently my scrren stopped working and i now have a monitor plugged to it. the screen is not cracked. it goes all white when the computer is running, but its like black and white when it 1st boots up. is there a wire lose or do i need a whole new screen?
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  1. What is the full model number of your laptop?




    When you first boot the laptop do you see the post screen?(BnW text at the begining of startup about the manufactor and al lthe hardware,etc.)
  2. im not sure how to find out. i know it has the core i5 processor 430m and came with 320gb hd and 4gb memory
  3. but no i do not see any text on the laptop screen. it just goes white.
  4. well thanks for all the help!
  5. When your using the laptop thru the monitor can you see the post screen with it?Or do you have to wait until Windows has loaded to start getting picture?
  6. I'm thinking theirs something wrong with your Video Drivers.I'm thinking that if you boot into Safe Mode you might be able to get the picture on the laptops screen.
  7. so i ran the comp in safe mode and when i did the screen stayed totally black the whole time as if it wasnt even on. i rolled back my video drivers and rebooted and now the screen is on but its still all white
  8. Try downloading the latest drivers from the manufactuers website.If you have an Nvidia 430m try going to Nvidia's website for the driver download.

    Try looking for a sticker somewhere on your laptop.It should have the full model number of your PC.That would make it easier to look up information on it.Perhaps their is a BIOS update avaible for this particular problem.
  9. it has the intel hd graphics.
  10. ive gone into my device manager and tried to install drivers and it said i had the latest and i cant seem to navigate the intel page to find drivers. so im not sure what to do next.
  11. It doesn't work that way.You can't download drivers through Windows,Windows lies.

    You need your model number.That makes everything easier.With your model number you can use that through Gateways website to download drivers etc.
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