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Hello my pc is 6 years old "HP a1210n " media center originally have a XP but now is working with windows 7 ultimate , i upgarde the harddrive , memory and grafic card , working fine but is getting slow , I was thinking to upgarde the motherboard and cpu like 2 core ...capable to upgrade later for a better precessor , I was walkimg in some stores and thery are deals but still expensive for me , my pc have everything is a ASUS ... AMD 64 ...I open to some suggestions and stores to will but parts ...thanks
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  1. What is your budget ? What are the parts of your PC ? Give us more details. Thanks.
  2. Since you didnt say what your specs are.

    Then you said "working fine, but is getting slow"

    That makes me think. You mean that it used to run fast, now its slow.
    In that case. Id re-format and re-install. Then youll have the performance you did, when you upgraded.
    Now if you mean by "slow" that you cant play newer games, as well.
    Then yeah, i need to see some specs :]
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