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Hey guys. I'm doing a gaming build and looking at a case. I'm a noob to this stuff so be gentle! My build so far is an i5-2500k, 850 watt PSU, an ASRock mobo, and either a GTX 560 or 570, and I WILL SLI them at some point, and I've been told that space can be an issue with two big GPUs.

As far as what I want from the case, cheaper is better, I want to spend at most under $100. I also don't mind LEDs or a side-viewing panel, but the lights MUST be able to be turned off, so I can watch movies or play games without my case flashing at me all the time. Size doesn't really matter, I know I'll have more options with a mid-tower, but I like the longevity factor and size of the fulls. I'm sure there's stuff that I should mention that I haven't, but like I said I'm new to this stuff, this is my first build! Thanks for the advice guys, look forward to discussing this with you all.
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