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Been a long long time, since Ive bought a sound card.

Had a audigy2 since 2002 roughly. Never seen a point to upgrade it. I only use stereo headphones.

Since the card broke, doesnt work anymore.

Im looking to replace it.

Im a vocal artist. I used my audigy2 to record vocal.

So any recommendations would be great.
24bit+ recording is preferred.

Then any sound card. That would maybe gain some performance from, would be nice. Like less taxing on my CPU for instance.

With my current on-board audio. I get slight whitenoise, when i record.

anything under 150. Cheaper being better. Or should I say best bang for buck.

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  2. The issue with recording is most soundcards don't even offer line input connections anymore; most are meant for high quality audio output, not input. I'd take a look at M-Audio in particular, as their cards are meant more for what you want then most of the more traditional brands.
  3. nice. Didnt know m-audio made sound cards.

    I dont need a super fancy card. Just need one that wont have whitenoise. Then a mic in jack.
    my audigy2 delivered on both of those.

    But a real musician card, seems interesting.
    Thanks for suggestions.

    -edit Man thats nice. XLR jacks right off the card. Nice suggestions. glad i asked now, instead of buying some normal soundcard. Thanks!
  4. As usual, I've gotta agree with davcon... that M-Audio card appears to be a lot more suited to what you'll be using it for. Good sound quality for the price, and it's a lot more centered around the work you'd be doing than a typical consumer sound card. I run both an Asus Xonar DX and an Auzen X-Fi Forte, and I don't know if either one of them would work well at all for a recording artist...

    Another option would be to buy an Auzen X-Meridian 2g along with their X-Tension DIN, which would give you more ports than you'll ever need and top-of-the-line sound quality, but it would also cost around $180 and do essentially the same things as that M-Audio.

    In this situation, I'd have to say again that the M-Audio is going to be your best bang for the buck.
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