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Possible Bad PSU? HELP!

Friend just built his computer and we had some trouble getting it to boot. However we did get it to boot and got windows installed just fine. After all of this "hard work" we decided to leave and get something to eat. Upon returning the computer was shut down and wouldn't turn back on, again. So we once again re-seated ram, checked all connections and unplugged/plugged them all back in. After about 15 minutes of this we tried to turn the computer back on and success. He then was booted for about 5 minutes when it randomly shutdown again. This time however it turned back on just fine. Upon booting he got a screen before boot that stated the anti-surge feature was activated and the computer auto shutdown because of a surge. It stated that it was from a bad PSU. So I am wondering, is this screen correct and does the problem seem like it is a bad PSU?

TL;DR version:
Computer would shut down and then not power up again and then got an error that the psu was bad. Is it true?

Please read the full version. Lol.

Thanks guys!
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  1. what are the system specs.
    Also, try installing it on another machine or installing another psu on this machine, if you have either.
  2. Specs are as follow:

    Processor: AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz Socket AM3+
    RAM: Kingston HyperX 4GB (1 stick) 1600
    Video: ECS NGT440-1GQI-F GeForce GT 440
    HDD: HITACHI HDS721050CLA362 (500 GB)

    PSU: Most important obviously: LOGISYS Computer PS550ABK 550Watts
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    Nvm my previous advice, that's a garbage psu. Return it, don't ask for a replacement.
    First, it has no 80+ rating. Second, take a look at the sticker, it says 400W total and 550W max output. This means that 550W would be overpowering it and it's actually a 400W psu. Though it'll perform worse than a half decent 350W.

    Buy a proper one like
    300W would suffice for that system, so 380W will be perfect. If he wants it to be upgradeable, go with a slightly higher one.

    Here's a very brief guide:
    -80 plus rating is a must. looks like this or in a different color. (platinum > gold > silver > bronze > white) it doesn't matter much though unless you care about maximal efficiency, which you likely don't in that kind of system.
    -half decent (or better) brands (still make sure they have 80 plus): Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, Coolermaster, pc power and cooling, enermax, zalman, kingwin, silverstone, thermaltake, xfx, ocz and plenty more. These brands are not all equal (at all), but any should provide a psu that will work.
    -you get what you pay for, almost always.

    The Antec Earthwatts are great 380W or 430W choices. Seasonic also has great options in this range.
  4. ^+1 yep the psu is junk!
    Return it for a refund as suggested.
    Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-500CXV2 500W
    Seasonic SS-400ET 400W - high quality basic unit(Power cord not included)
  5. +1 slicetoad
  6. Thanks a lot guys! Me and another friend thought the same thing but really wanted to confirm this! Thanks a ton guys!!!

    Also, I didn't help pick out this PSU. In all honesty had I been around to put my input in I would have shied away from it for the simple fact that one, I had never even heard of the name and two, the price just seemed to darn low for me.
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