MSI Z77A-G45 or ASRock Z77 Extreme4

Extreme4 = $143 (shipping added)
MSI G45 = $110 (Free shipping)

Is the price worth it??
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  1. Nope! Go for the MSI. I've seen the ASRock in the $110 range before, but if it's currently at $140 you should definitely take the other one. It's got all the important equivalent features.
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    no stay with the MSi G45...
    (direct link)

    I just did a build with this board.
    it does everything the more expensive ASRock board does with the same VRM strength 8+4 or possibly a 12+4, not certain which one.
    also runs x8/x8 dual GPU's.
    I love the military class components and sleek professional but savage look.
    clocked a 3570K @ 4.4GHz with an Antec 620 H2O cooler.
    BIOS easy and I didn't need to update it.

    just my opinion but I like it and would run one for myself.
  3. While it's true that they both have similar features and the MSI board has Military class components, they have to skimp someplace in order to still make a profit on the board. The actual board itself is very thin and will bend easy , I had the MSI X-Power board which is one of their highend boards and when I was putting a cpu water block on it outside the case the thing was bending enough to make me stop and try to put it on inside the case.
    Once attached to the case MB plate inside the case it should be ok but it's just something you should be aware of when deciding.
  4. that's custom water cooling for ya.
    but for the average overclocker and not extremist any cooler like a CM Hyper Evo or whatever will work.

    I also feel that ASRock is overrated and often (higher end) overpriced..
  5. Another question: Do you guys pirate Windows or buy it? I am on a short budget
  6. Tom's rules of conduct prevent such a conversation.
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  8. They don't prohibit me from saying that I buy it.
  9. true..
  10. If you promote the pirating of Windows then you don't belong on Tomshardware forums.
  11. the

    won Tomshardware because it is better. I had a msi board bad heat dissipation and shitty vrm.

    love that this thread is solved when the best choice is the crappier MB
  12. Do you have evidence for either of those claims? Show us, please.
  13. yes please because I think that you are very mis-informed about your hardware @ undercovernerd6..
    not sure what MSi board you say you had in the past but it might have been a bad board or even MSi AMD board
    and most of those are crappy anyways.
    but MSi Intel medium to high end boards are pretty solid from what I have seen and read about.
  14. yea I do. I sent my mobo from my last build into msi repair center in british Columbia Canada. After that they updated their website with.

    if you plan on overclocking this board can heat up and cause instability.

    why the hell would I make this up.

    this wasn't the exact board but their sub 150 boards are junk ass. 4.4 gh wow my Asus does 4.6528 without a blink give ur head a shake .

    you get better vrm gold caps and newer tech, pci3 better onboard sound and its full atx not some pocket heater that's gonna fry when pushed.
  15. Thanks all of you for the help!
  16. I know that you had a bad experience, but you need data to decide that a whole brand's offerings "fry when pushed."
  17. disagreeing with you there @ undercovernerd6..
    nice try though.
    one experience doesn't speak for the masses..

  18. The MSI board that I spoke of earlier as being too thin eventually started smoking and almost caught fire if I haddent pulled the plug. The cpu socket area was smoking and making sparks and the cpu was barely overclocked.
    Thats personal experience
    The board is being RMS'd tomorrow and I have moved back to Asus so when it comes back I don't plan on using it. If it hadden't started smoking I would still be using it because I liked the board and despite the stories I had heard about MSI boards catching fire I went ahead and bought it anyway , I'm just glad I don't leave my computer on all the time.
  19. same with me having to RMA an ASRock board, just got it back on Friday and listed it on eBay already.
    Z68 Pro3 board, I was trying to make it my work machine..

    now I'm on an ASUS board too.
  20. MSI fire....that is all
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