Asus ENGTX 460 768mb performance problem

I am having a performance problem with my GPU @ 1920x1080 as I have an extremely low fps in games like Resident Evil 5 which is unplayable to be honest, I played the game with my old GeForce 9600 FarCry2 edition from XFX on a 19" screen and it was playing around 30-48fps in max settings dx10 but I don't understand how can this card give me roughly 23fps, The Witcher 2 is unplayable even on medium settings, same as Assassin's Creed Brotherhood as well as bad company which can reach good fps but with a lot of stuttering it becomes unplayable too.
Having a Q9650 @3.0, 4GB DDR2, 500W PSU, Asus PN5-D (nForce 750i). with the latest nVidia driver installed and still the performance is still awful. Although I noticed a slightly performance boost after I updated to the latest one but still not satisfying for a card that reached pretty decent fps in reviews. I did not attempt to overclock it or anything, but is there any possibilities that the drivers came with the mobo are reasons for the GPU to underperform? or it is my CPU is bottlenecking?
I've been curious about what CPU-Z shows me in the graphics section.

I can include pictures of RE5 benchmark too.

I would really appreciate your help, and if there's any thing I did not cover in this topic please state.

Thank you
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  1. 3DMark Vantage results,SHOCKING!

    Noting the fact that Q9650 should get at least around 12k and around 13k for ENGTX460 according to Lost Circuits and guru3d reviews.
    Still haven't figured out the problem of this very low performance.
  2. is it a new card?
  3. It's been 6 month since I first used it, it was great on 1440*900, but then I started to find a lot of stuttering on 1080p as if it's uncapable of handling games at that resolution. I changed few things in the Nvidia control panel (3D settings) and I found slightly better results, as RE5 reach 50fps, and in game instead of 18-23 I get 26-35 fps, and comparing with other benchmark results, RE5 give really high fps as like 70+.
    There's an example, my older 9600 FC2 E use to run FIFA 11 at solid 60fps on 1440*900, while the 460 can do that but there's a lot of stuttering during [arena mode] loading while it did not happen in the old card. Is it a problem with Win7? coz I used the 9600 on Vista.
    PS. my current screen is 120Hz
  4. have you tried using different driver? in my case, my previous GTS250 is faster than my GTX460 in some games. overclocking my cpu to 3.6ghz (2.93ghz stock) solve the problem for me.
  5. First driver I used was the one that came with GPU itself, tbh I don't remember the performance with that driver, but as I said before after I upgraded the last driver I noticed slightly better performance.
    I might think to temporarly OC my CPU to higher clock once I use the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, but I notice that in some benchmarks CPU gets around 20k+ and other times pathetic 7k tho both happened in performance, while GPU couldn't reach 9k something definately not right.
    Shall I assume that the CPU fan is making it underperforming? as I sometimes find system warning that CPU fan fail or too slow?
    Looking at your card it has few differences from mine, but can you please show benchmark results for it with '3dmark' or the msi benchmarker or any other program?
  6. in general GTX460 1GB is faster than GTX460 768mb so you can't compare the two directly. but i did try running my GTX460 with reference clock which is 675mhz and here are the result:

    which is in line with the gpu score from guru3d 3d mark vantage score. they also include GTX460 768mb in the test:
  7. Everything is fixed now,
    PC had BSOD while installing graphics driver, so I had to make fresh Win7 install, installed latest nvidia driver instantly, and while running benchmark pc turned off while CPU physics one, I turned it on to see what's the problem, checked RealTemp and found my Q9650 is boiling [97-100C]! today I changed the sucky cpu cooler, got Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 and temp drops to 48 and 60 while on load, benchmarked and satisfied with the results
    PS. I changed my PSU to XFX PRO850W Core Edition, since I had it and felt lazy to switch, but BSOD gave me a reason to do so.
    FYI: my GTX 460 factory overclocked to 700MHz
    Thank you very much for bearing with me and offering help mate :)
  8. good things are finally working for you :)
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