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Upgrading PSU & videocard

Hello all, I have an Inspiron 580 6gb i3 550 and was thinking of upgrading my PSU to an Ultra LSP550 550-Watt Power Supply and the videocard to either a Sapphire 5830, or 5850, though the 5850 is pretty expensive in my price range. I've also been thinking of getting the gtx 460 since I read some good things about that one too. Considering the low grade cpu I have, would it be insane to also maybe get a 700w psu for crossfire if I ever figured out how to do it in the future?

I'm pretty new at this stuff. Are those picks good? Should I upgrade my cpu first? thanks in advance.
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  1. wait for the Radeon 7950 or if its to far outta your price range just get a 6870.
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    If 5850 is expensive 7950 is more expensive than that. Go with 6790 or 5830.Don't upgrade your CPU because it will be fine with 5830 or 6790. Your CPU is a must upgrade when you upgrade to a much powerfull card like 6970 ,570,580 or higher.
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  4. ok thanks. So if I ever wanted to do crossfire I'd have to upgrade my cpu?
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