About geforce 8400SE to GTS 450

I have dualc core e5200 2.50ghz
2gb ddr2
geforce 8400Se 512mb <----this gpu bottleneck my pc?
if i will upgrade it to GTS 450 it will be ok?
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  1. 8400SE is a low-end card and not recommended for gaming.Upgrading to GTS 450 will give you a huge boost in performance.
    And your CPU will fine for most games(what resolution do you play on? and what kind of games you play ? )
    But definitely upgrade the RAM to at least 4GB
  2. i have 600watts i play at 1280 by 1024 i have 2gb ram ddr2
  3. 600w should be fine as long as it wasn't generic PSU. 2GB is bare minimum to have today. 4GB is the norm but you need 64 bit OS to utilize all the available RAM. below than that you will have trouble to run some program smoothly especially games.
  4. +1^
    GTS 450 can handle almost all games perfectly fine on that res,just upgrade your RAM and you'll be fine
  5. thanks
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