High display setting at 1280*720 , GPU advice ?

GA-MA78GM-S2HP motherboard
PCI Express x16
CPU - AMD Phenom 9650,
4gb ddr2
My monitor supports a maximum resolution of 1280*760 (16:9).

I need advice on a new graphics card.

Since I am not going to upgrade my monitor I'll continue my gaming with a
maximum of 1280*720 resolution.

Now what I want is the best quality in what I am seeing, i want the display
setting maxed out for whatever I play.

Would a middle order card like a radeon 6750 (1GB) be good enough ? Please keep in mind I'm only looking for a better display but not at a higher resolution, so I'm guessing the 6850's and above would be pointless and an unnecessary expense (?)

This is a temporary upgrade which should last me for quality gaming for at least an year after which I'd be going for a full system upgrade.

If there is any other GPU which i could be looking at, do let me know.

Also should you prefer nvidia because it has physX technology over Radeon ?

Advice ?
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  1. nvidia cards have better drivers than AMD and because of TWIMTBP you get nvidia specific features like bokeh filter,gpu water simulation,physx etc.At that low a resolution I would get the gts 450 as its slightly faster than 6750 and is also better at tessellation
  2. okay. thank you celpas
  3. What is your budget?
  4. got the radeon 6770 1gb guys... looks pretty so far. Thanks a lot : )
  5. at your resolution, your cpu will hold you back in some games, look into upgrading it if you want more life out of your computer
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