Motherboard And Grpahics..

I want to upgrade my System.
Rightnow I am using IntelQuadCore9550 CPU with MSI X48CPlatinum, OCZ DDR31066MHz 4 GB Ram, NVidia GTX560, 700W Pro Modular power supply.
I have selected Intel core i72600K CPu for my upgradation and Z68 based motherboard.
My question is...
Which motherboard should I buy?
A motherboard which has also onboard graphics
A motherboard which has no onboard graphics and can use only by external GPU card.
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    I would say to go for the one that works out cheaper also don't buy a motherboard with 4 PCI-E x16 slots if you know you are never going to use it. Those boards are generally more expensive than other boards with 2 or 3 slots. I personally will never go for a board with more that 2 slots. I like to keep the dual card option open and if you go over 2 graphics card the price you pay for the performance gain does not justify it.
  2. Thnx for reply Rizlla.
    I agree with you.
    But my question is littlebit different.
    There are two board in my category.
    One board with DVI,HDMI output and also with 16x PCI slot.
    the other one is without display port. It has only option using 16x pci card to get display.
    Here is example..
    Asus P8Z68-Deluxe board and Asus P8Z68-V.
    Which should I buy? Definately I will use board with NVidia GTX560.
  3. If you know that you will never use the on board graphics then go for the Asus P8Z68-Deluxe. Also go through both board's functions. If the more expensive board has more functions than the cheaper board, but you wont be using them, then go for the cheaper one. Why pay more for things you wont use?
  4. Thts true.
    I will prefer Asus z68 Deluxe model.
    What do u think about ASROCK ?
    I like z68 fatal1ty motherboard. It is not available in INIDA.
    But there is a compnay is ready to import it from USA.
    I am very newer about ASROCK.
  5. I don't like Asrock at all. I had problems with their hardware before and when the board get older it is not easy getting newer drivers for their hardware. I would rather stick with Asus.
  6. Thnx for all your answers.
    At this level I will choose Asus Z68 Deluxe for my upgradation.
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