Need some clarification on suitable ram for DELL poweredge SC440

Heres the problems.

A client of mine has one of these which I beilieve is a basic one socket server tower. He currently has 2GBs of ram installed and he wants to upgrade to 4GBs.

His current configuration of ram is 4 x 512mb 1Rx8 PC2-5300E-555-12, Model Number Hynix HYMP564U72CP8-Y5

I sent him some 4 X 1GB 1Rx4 PC2-5300P-555-12, Model Number Hynix HYMP512P72CP4-Y5

Result, No Post no Boot.

Ive tried to do some research into this but the information is conflicting.

According to the spec sheet from dell this thing can take

"Four ECC DDR-2 533/667 SDRAM DIMM sockets for up to 4 GB of memory"

As far as I am aware this is "ECC" ram.

I am missing something here, is the difference between PC2-5000E and PC2-5300P??

According to my research I did find something about registered and unregisted. I thought all ECC ram was in fact registered.

Can I have some clarification or advise on the issue please!!!
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  1. Thanks for that but I really wanna try and figure out why the memory I have is not working on this machines. Its definately ECC unbuffered ram, in theory it should work.

    Im hoping someone can explain it to me
  2. NO not all ECC is Registered.

    The Dell wants ECC Unbuffered. the memory you are trying to use is Registered and therefore does not seem to work.
  3. Ok Guys forgot to reply.

    I know theres a bif difference in ECC, 2 type ECC Registered and ECC unbuffered. they are not compatible and interchangable with one another.

    Also most systems that will accept ECC Unbuffered Ram usually 95% of the time accept NON ECC ram, which is easier to find and much cheaper then ECC unbuffered definately in terms of DDR1

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