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Hi There!

For about a month now, my computer keep crashing when I m gaming. It crashes after 15-30 min, and I cannot figure whether it's a overheating problem (actually if you guys know how I can figure that, please let me know) or a problem with my ram.

I recently tried Heaven DX11 benchmark, and my laptop crashes before it reaches the end

I also ran a test with Memtest 86 and here are the results:

Then it got all messed up, but after a few hours I got a third error:

And now I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that.

1) Does it mean that I have to chang my ram, or can I fix it?

2) Is the fact that my laptop is crashing due to something else, like a overheating problem coming from the graphic card ?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your future answers!
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  1. It's telling you it found 2 errors up to that point. You should be testing your memory one stick at a time so you can tell which is the bad stick. However, since it's always best to buy memory in pairs or 4s, you may want to replace both anyway. But If you know one or more of the sticks are good, you can sell them and recoop some of the cost.

    The bottom line... you have bad RAM.
  2. Thanks for the input !

    So once I find exactly what ram is defective, I have no choice but to change it ?

    Can it come from a bad connection ? My laptop fell a couple months ago, very small drop, but it happened. Can it come from that?

    And last question, how can I make sure the problem isn't coming from the graphic card ?I am asking because I don t understand why games crash after 15-30 min of gameplay, instead of crashing right away
  3. Correct. Once you find RAM is defective, you will have to change it or put up with constant crashes and/or BSODs. If you suspect a drop may have caused the RAM issue, un-seat and re-seat the sticks and run the test again.

    I have no way of knowing if the graphic subsytem is 100%, but the Memtest results are definetly pointing to the RAM. And crashing at random points of PC usage is normal with bad RAM. The executed code is corrupted when it has to access those memory addresses that are bad.
  4. Well thanks for your time Clutchc, it did help.
  5. ... and remember, if you have to buy new RAM, get them is sets of 2s or 4s for best results. Dual channel memory works best when the sticks match perfectly.
  6. Oh ok, I'll keep that in Mind. Thx!

    I know I have 16gb of DDR3, is that all I need to know if I want to buy a new set? I've never bought RAM before and it seems there are different types of DDR3

    Basically My laptop is a MSIGT783 - if that helps - and all I can find is that I have DDR3, I don t have any other details.
  7. Ok here's what I've found:

    What ram would you recommend (brand, type, etc) ?
  8. If this is your laptop:
    It has 4 slots that accept DDR3 1333MHZ or DDR3 1066MHZ memory. Be sure you buy laptop memory and not desktop memory. The sizes are different. Here is an example of memory that should fit your machine:

    These are 4GB sticks for example.
  9. Thanks again, that was very thorough, I really appreciate. I'm gonna work on this and try to keep you posted.
  10. You have your answer but this is much worse.

    2 min 19 sec and over 98000 errors, Yeah that stuff was rated for 1600 and would even error @ 800
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