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I have two x Samsung Syncmaster 940N's using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 ti display adapter.

So, I turn my PC on like normal and my new 'second hand' monitor isn't displaying correctly. There is a black line down the right hand side of the screen about half an inch wide and the 'image display displays from the corner of where that line starts, all the way to the left and appears to continue on over the edge of the screen or display but is cut off, it doesn't extend into my first monitor which is on the left, it just cuts off.

Any clues as to what has happened here? Is my baby dying?

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  1. To determine that it is not monitor problem, try to swap the cable connector and see if the incorrect display will transfer to the old monitor. If it doesn't and error display still appear on the new second hand monitor, then the problem must be with that monitor.

    But if the error display appear on the old monitor, then the problem is in the graphics card.
    Please let me know the result of this test so we can move forward.
  2. I think your second hand monitor is defective. I would return it if you can.
    It might be possible to repair it, but I think the cost would be more than the monitor is worth. Check with Samsung to find the cost, perhaps it is still under warranty. They can tell from the serial number.

    As randomkid suggested, swap monitors to see if the problem follows.

    Also, disconnect the monitor from the pc and turn it on. If it is like other Samsung monitors, you should see a flashing display of solid red/blue/green screens. If the stripe is still there, you have a defective monitor.
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