New system is loud and hot, how do I know if it is too hot

And if so, how do I fix it?

I just put together my first build ever. It's a GA-970a-UD3 with 955 Black Edition processor and a 560 TI. I had just had it running for a few hours (Installing windows updates) when I noticed it was pretty loud. After installing some monitoring software, I saw that my third temperature gauge was at 60 degrees! And it was bearly using a single core!

After opening it up and running prime 95, I'm seen that the Core temp seems to tap out around 60C, but whatever the third temperature gauge is detecting went all the way up to 72C!

Now, I'm pretty sure it's either the northbridge or VRM, but I have no idea if it is running too hot, and if so, what I should do about it.

Also, in general it'd be nice to know which temperature in my monitor was connected to which part of the MB. Anyone know where I can find that?
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  1. is it in a case?

    maybe with some fans?

    60C is hot but it wont kill anything , so stop panicking and tell us the things we need to know to be helpful
  2. Download some software called HWMONITOR. Once you've done that either put a screenshot up here of your temps, or write them out.

    CPU's are usually ok up to around 75 degree's and GPU's around 90-100 degrees.

    Under 70 and under 85 are "ideal" though.
  3. I was panicking a little, but it is my first build, and I'm a little clumsy, so I am trying to be extra careful with it :)

    It is in a case. COOLER MASTER Elite 430. Right now it only has the stock (Front) fan, in addition to the CPU GPU and Power obviously. I'm thinking that might be the problem.

    HWMONITOR is what I am using. I was not running Prime 95 for long (Maybe 5 min) and my CPU cores were at around 59-61 Degrees. Temp 3 (Uh, the third temperature, it was called temp2 since there's a temp 0) was worrying me too as it was hitting 72 degrees. I know some computer parts are made to withstand that, but I don't even know what it is.

    The computer is off right now and I'm going to sleep, I'll post a screenshot in the morning.
  4. Prime95 is supposed to stress your components to their upper limits. If the temp stabilised around 60 degree's this is about the right temperature. Nothing to be concerned with at all, 60 degree's under a full load is a good result.

    The Elite 430 has lots of options for cooling it seems...You can add roof fans, rear fan and side window fans.

    At the very least id recommend adding a rear exhaust. If you have a few extra $ spare, by all means add a roof exhaust and a side window intake fan as well. This will provide direct cool air onto your graphics card, and exhaust very quickly any heat generated off your CPU and other components in your case.
  5. I'd add a 120 mm fan at the rear to push hot air out of the case .

    Many graphics card will hit 80 C . Some will hit more .
  6. Alright, here are the Temps. This was after about 20 min of Prime 95, and the temperatures had seemed to stabilize for at least 5 min. This is after I added a fan to the rear (Little 80MM thing, defiantly going to get some bigger ones.)

    The core seems fine. Yesterday it was hitting 61, but it barely got to 60 this time, and only stayed there for a second.

    The only thing I'm still concerned about is this TPIN2. 70degrees C is very hot, and it might get hotter if the GPU was running too. I know some parts can take it (My old P4 would routinely be this hot, and it's lasted me something like 8 years.) but without knowing what part of the computer it is, and what temperature it should be, I am still worried.
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    First off, the loud part. If you have the AMD stock cooler(i see 5500rpms. Yeah looks stock to me) it is the loudest thing ever.

    Do your self a favor, get a coolermaster 212+ and your system will be much quieter and cooler.

    The other high temp, may well be a vrm or chipset temp, but they can take it. I know the AMD 770 chipset(paired with a 955BE as well) runs so hot i can not even touch the heatsink on it, but it run stable and has for years.

    Want to know whats hot? touch a heatsink(chipset or vrm) and find out :)
  8. Alright, hearing that makes me feel a lot better. It's definitely the NB. The first time I did the touching test I couldn't quite tell, but this time it was definitely a little painful to touch.

    The system is still a WiP cooling wise. I'm planning on at least a few more system fans, and probably some sort of CPU cooler (After this, I might look for the quietest one they have... Intel stock wasn't half this loud...) Once I have the temp under control I'll try OCing.
  9. The 212+ is not gong to be the quietest, just so you know, not overly loud either.

    Look at some of the noctua stuff for quieter(even there fans are quiet, but expensive). Scythe also has good coolers. Please note with AMD systems, some heatsinks can only be mounted to face up at the psu(if you have a psu on the bottom and a top fan, this is not an issue.).
  10. The hyper 212 is a cheap midrange cooler . There are plenty of other similar coolers in that price range .

    If you want quiet and/or way better cooling then a Scythe Mugen or similar is a better way to go
  11. Outlander_04 said:
    The hyper 212 is a cheap midrange cooler . There are plenty of other similar coolers in that price range.

    What other coolers are in the 20-25$(Canada, on sale often in that range, been as low as 15$) range? Nothing good I have seen(well the corsair A series comes on about there as well, they perform similarly).

    Just curious of some other options on budget systems.

    I do agree about scythe, on a quiet and good cooling.
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