I have a bunch of computer parts that im trying to sell

1 maxtor diamondmax plus 9 200gb ata/ 133 hdd
2.western digital 10gb
3.maxtor 80gb for parts
4. maxtor diamondmax 16 300gb ata/ 133 hdd
5. maxtor diamondmax plus 9 80gb ata/ 133 hdd
6.maxtor unmarked made on 11-08-97
7. playstaion 2 fat network adaptor
8. samsung 256mb ddr ram $3
9.kingston kvr ram $3
10.pair of sata data cables for hard drives
11. pair of 128mb ram- $5
12. dynax fan controlled atx12v power supply 400w output
13. pair of camputer power cords
14 i also have an att lg prime
i am asking 250 for all of this.
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  1. Please don't put your email up on tomshardware, also advertise on craigslist or something :P
  2. Personally I doubt you will get $25 for the lot and that is only if someone is trying to put together a Windows 95 box for some reason. Craigslist or a fleamarket are you best bets. Obsolete computer parts really retain no value unless they are extremely rare.

    Amuffin is correct, never post your email on an open international forum unless you like spam.
  3. amuffin said:
    Please don't put your email up on tomshardware, also advertise on craigslist or something :P

    we can show our email address in 'my page/more info', so why not in a post
  4. Data mining bots don't tend to troll through every profile, and most people keep their email in their profile hidden, posting it on the forum makes it show up in google search and to every data mining bot that runs through the forums. Just because you can show it doesn't mean its a good idea to show it.

    Also, you aren't going to get $250 for that, maybe 250 pesos but not 250 dollars/euros/GBP. The only useful things i see in that list are the two SATA cables, i might pay $2 for those. And you certainly aren't going to get many hits here, try craigslist and see if you can find a sucker.
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