Horrible upload, download and ping outside of safe mode?

I did a speed test while in normal mode and safe mode, when started up normally, I had a download speed of 0.09 Mb/s, an upload speed of 0.18 Mb/s, and a ping of 303 ms. When I did a speed test in safe mode, the results came up with a download speed of 1.54 Mb/s, an upload speed of 0.27 Mb/s, and a ping of 40ms. I scanned for viruses with avast, emsisoft anti-malware, malwarebytes, avira, and spyware doctor. A bunch of supposed viruses turned up when I scanned with avast and emsisoft, totaled together, I had slightly over 300 viruses which I never had before. They were all in the C:\Windows\Temp folder and had a similar name, though I do not remember what their names were. I removed those viruses with avast 5 or 6 times, they just kept coming back, so I deleted everything in my temp folder, and they seem to be gone for good. Though these supposed viruses are gone, my computer is still unplayable outside of safe mode. Downloads take forever, pages take way too long to load, videos take too long to buffer, and my ping is unbearably high in any game I play. I keep scanning with my anti viruses, nothing ever comes up anymore, nothing at all. Just before all of my above problems started, my computer suddenly froze up completely while I was browsing, that's when it started to load so slow like this. When I started my computer back up, I got some errors saying something about my hard drive, didn't have enough time to read them though. Anyone know how to fix this problem, or what is causing it?
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  1. It's still doing it. Would someone mind actually helping me?
  2. what internet browser are you using?
    Try a different one and see if it helps.
    What are the specs of your computer.
  3. If windows is not fully cleared with a malware then you will loss control of your computer the malware will always control everything. It is not a good idea to have lots of anti virus in your computer.
    Ok try scanning your computer with malwarebytes on safe mode (full scan)
    Try downloading HiJackThis from trend micro, link here:
    Be careful though - try checking and removing link or apps that is not part of the normal operation of the PC.
    Get some registry cleaners too to clean those registry errors.
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