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am working on INTEL NEHALEM i5 Processor. I want to know how to make the board unganed? is there any option in BIOS, through which I can make it to unganed?or this board is bydefault in unganged mode, as PHENOM processor?
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  1. Ganged and unganged only apply to AMD based systems and do not apply to Intel.
  2. then whats the other option to make the board work as unganged? can we do it through IMC?
  3. There is no ganged or unganged. It's an Intel board. Ganged or unganged apply to an AMD memory controller only as I stated above.

    If you want single channel install a single stick of RAM. If you want dual channel install 2 matched sticks in the matched slots. That's basically all ganged or unganded means anyway is single or dual channel.
  4. ok..the baord has dual channels..have put two similar RAM stciks ..then does it mean that, two cores will be using both memory together? or both are individually associated to single 1GB RAM?I want to make it as two 64bits controller, rather than using it as single can this be done? or again, as you said, no ganged mode in we have to use 128bits all together...and both the cores will be using complete memory ...
  5. Intel does not use the same memory controller as AMD or in the same way. All cores use all the RAM at the same time, all the time in an Intel setup. You can't change that and there is no need to.
  6. I want to calculate the worst case error time, so for that have to disable all the factors which can be a performance booster...have diabled all the prefetchers, virtualization, turbo boost mode..and along with this I want 2*64bits data bus, instead of in Intel cant I do this by any means..not even by making some changes in IMC???
  7. Not that I know of. However that is getting close the limit of my computer knowledge so it may be possibile and I am just not aware of it. I can't find anything with a google search either. I sure don't know of anywhere in the BIOS that would do that. I would ask an actual engineer though to be sure.

    The most knowledgable person on these forums about memory that I know of is Jaquith. I am not sure if he is an actual engineer or not but he knows more than I do. I have a degree in History, building computers is just a long time hobby for me.

    Try sending him a PM from this link.

    I'm sure he will be happy to help if he can. Make sure you clearly describe the problem and or link him to this thread.

    Sorry I can't give you a more exact answer.
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