Amd athlon x 4 635

Hi i just upgrade to a new 21.5 LED monitor and when i play games like deus ex human revolution and batman arkham asylum my cpu usage goes to a 100%.Then the game stutters and freezes sometimes also crashes.I checked the heat and the temp is 45 c degress.Some games like crysis 2 and Skyrim run fine without stutter but the cpu usage is still above 75%.My cpu usage should not be this high at 1920x1080p.
Please help.

My system;

AMD ATHLON X4 635 @ 2.9ghz
4 GIG DDR3 ram
GTX 460 cyclone 1g
Windows 7 64 bit
600w antec PSU.
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  1. Have you tried reducing other processes running in the back ground? Tried overclocking the CPU?
  2. no i have not tried overclocking the CPU and there are no other processes running other than my anti virus and daemon tools.L . A noire is also stuttering. can it be a virus
  3. I doubt it but am surprised though that you are maxing out the CPU.
  4. i know and it is causing alot of stuttering in deus ex.
  5. I had no stuttering on Deus X HR with my X3 450 and HD6850 so start by checking for malware and viruses!
  6. how ? i already run a virus scan with avast free and nothing deteced
  7. try to pause antivirus during games (offline games), anti virus use too much cpu when a game is running, use task manager to check which process is using more cpu time
  8. ok i wil try that.This process audiodg is using alot of ram and cpu and my sound also stutters in some games.
  9. yea chances are you have background processes running hampering your cpu.
    Also since your cpu seems to be bottlenecking you (as shown by the high usage) an overclock would do you well.
  10. ok i will try that.
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