Asus radeon 9550 not displaying colour orange

this was working fine in full hardware acceleration setting passing all dxdiag tests . now it doesnt display like i think orange . if i turn down hardware acceleration right down to just bare minimum (2nd notch) then it displays correctly . anybody out there know what has caused this . is my graphics card malfunctioning and needs replacing . or could it be software related or is that 64000 dollar question . any help would be appreciated thanks
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  1. well i decided to change this card to a radeon 9200 and was happy initially to see for a few hours my problem was gone . then it resurfaced . again removing hardware acceleration down to most basic acceleration ("2nd notch from no acceleration) seemed to fix the colour pallette problem .as earlier i stated colour orange missing but to be more specific there are probably less colours and hence some colours not showing correctly and some colours missing altogether . i will see if i can reinstall drivers and see if this fixes the issue but im doubtful . i have done other diagnostic tests and nothing showing faulty as of yet so totally puzzled would love to have this solved .
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