P6T Deluxe BIOS flash with RAID 0

Hi all!

Last year I decided to give my home-built gamer a boost by upgrading to the lastest BIOS. Did lots of research on how to best do it since it could be detrimental and went ahead with the latest ASUS utility to flash up. Bottom line is I lost my RAID 0. I couldn't beleive that nothing showed up during my research about steps to take prior to flashing if you're using RAID. I had tons of stuff on the drives that I COULD NOT BEAR TO LOSE so after a month or so of attempts to recover my RAID using various work-arounds, tools, and suggestions--I just gave up.

Last week I threw a 'hail Mary' because after 11 months--it was time to forget the past and wipe out my Raptors. I really needed to revive my rig for the newest games and so I crossed my fingers and set my BIOS SATA drive setup to RAID... MY OS CAME HOME! After the cheers and many WTF's I looked around and noticed my desktop icons were shifted around but all else seemed ok.

My question is.... In Device Manager the RAID controller shows up as disabled in the Properties window (Windows 7 Premium). Should this be enabled? Everything seems to be working just fine but I fear that things could soon get crazy if this is supposed to be enabled when RAID is also enabled in the BIOS (I read somewhere that Windows also needs to know that its working a RAID drive). I am also, understandably, fearful that setting this to enable is going to cooky my newfound hapiness in the worst way and I will be back to square one (I did back up my files this time though!).

Any knowers out there?

Thanks, Ralph
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  1. If you have backed up and saved everything that you need that is important then the risk is not there if something were to go wrong, all you would have to do is recrate the rai and reload Windows.
    I do quetion the need to enable the raid controller because the raid is obviouly working. There could be two raid controllers , one being Intel and the other being Marvell. You could be using the Intel raid controller and the Marvell may have always been diabled and you just didn't notice it.
    The bios update would not have afected Windows drivers , it would just afect what is in the bios.
    I would look through the MB user manual to see what ports yor raid is connected to and what chipset controls those sata ports and then you can see if the disabled raid controller is the one that controls those sata ports.
    I have a feeling your looking at the Marvall controller.
  2. When you update your BIOS, it basically returns everything to a default setting, RAID is not a default setting, you have to enable it. So, after an update, all you should have had to do was simply turn it back on, or put your RAID settings back the way they were. There a few steps to do this, and if you don't do it on a regular basis, it is quite easy to forget the procedure and the order. However, if it is working, my favorite saying is "if it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it!"
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