[HELP!]8GB of Memory Installed, Computer only uses 3.92GB

Hello, so first things first, here is what I am using:
Lenovo Thinkpad T510, Intel i5 M540 @ 2,53GHz
Windows 7 Enterprise edition, 64-bit.

My laptop had 4GB installed: 2 modules of DDR3 PC3-8500(2GB), but it got a little overwhelmed because I use engineering programs, I do spend some time gaming, editing and all around using a lot of ressource. So I figured I might as well dish out 60 bucks and bump my memory to 8GB. Running the Crucial system scanner, I ordered 8GB of Crucial memory: 2 modules of DDR3 PC3-10600 (each being 4GB). Now, I do know I changed the clock speed, but it is supported by my CPU so I don't think this would be the issue.

I installed the new modules yesterday. Here is what Speccy has to show:

The BIOS also shows the 8192MB figure, as expected. Now here's the catch:

Only half of the memory is being used. I ran CPU-Z, which also reported 8GB being installed (both modules are detected correctly).
I checked msconfig for the Maximum Memory check-box. It is not checked, so that is not the issue either.

So either my memory modules are broken, or I have to look in the memory remapping thingy, right? I am not too tech savvy about BIOS' and updating them. My BIOS is not up to date. Could this be the issue?

If you have encountered this problem or know of a quickfix, I'd be much thankful for your help :D
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  1. Updateing the bios could help and that would be the start.
    If you type in msinfo32 in the run box the page that comes up is the summery and you can see what you have for installed memory and available physical memory.
    If it's showing total installed memory the either one of the modules is bad or it's not seated all the way in. You shouls recheck the memory modules to make sure that they are seated all the way.
  2. Your running a 32bit OS. Upgrate to 64 bit OS.

    My guess is you pirated 32bit enterprise when you thought it was 64bit.
  3. @Inzone, the info you are looking for is already in my post, second spoiled image.

    I have switched the modules around 2 or 3 times. I will try to test them individually though. Good advice.

    @daship: It is a genuine 64-bit OS. No pirating involved. I bought it with W7 Enterprise running out of the box.
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