Updating BIOS on Asus P8Z77-V

Hello all,

I have this motherboard and I am curious as to how I update the BIOs. It has this feature on it where you put the BIOs on a flash drive stick and put it in a certain spot on the motherboard. Therefore, I am unclear as to how this works and would love for someone to shed some light.

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    Asus website state about that feature, but i dont see any bios reset button in the picture. Find the bios reset button from manual book or yourself.

    For the process, download the latest bios from Asus website and copy it to USB flash drive. Then connect it to usb port and press the BIOS reset button for 3 sec power supply connected. It will be done. Before copying bios, extract the file if it is zipped.

    But dont do any bios update unless its necessary. Bios update will never improve performance like driver. As it is potential risk, update is not recommended. Do update if you have hardware issue or need better cpu support.

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  3. on your mb guilkd page 2-2 it button number 17 between the usb headers. page 2-42 shows you what slot the usb stick has to be in to flash the bios. the z77 cap files have to be renamed for the flash files to work right.
    asus makes a program for that here.
    also look under guilds for your mb it gives you the asus renaming info for there bios.
    the rog button was on back of the mb your is inside your case. the easy way to flash your mb without opening the case is saving the renamed file on a usb stick and on your hard drive. reboot into the bios and under advance option you can flash the mb bios from inside the bios. all you have to do is point the bios flasher for the mb to the location of where the bios file is. with asus mb flashing..when it flash you bios it going to reboot. the reboot is not going ot be a normal reboot dont power off or hit the reset button. the screen going to be black for a min or two then your going to see words rebuilding flash file..when it done it going to reboot again. when the bios is done rebuilding go back into the bios and reset the mb to factory default save and exit.
    bot into windows once then reboot back into the bios and set the mb bios up again if you overclocked it. before you do a bios flash set the mb back to factory default so that it wont crash.
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