Little help.

Hi, im looking for a cheapest motherboard possible that can support:
I5-3570k and its HD4000, 2 Nvidia cards (SLI) or CFX 2 ATI cards. Note: to be cheapest.
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  1. Never mind... Which one is better for overclocking i5-3570k
    AsRock B75 Pro3-M - 60e
    Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H
  2. the b and h chipset are not made for k line chips. there made for the lock ib and sb chips. want the z77 mb so you dont have to flash the mb before it post with the new ib chip the older x68 you do.
  3. Then can you tell me what will be max OC on Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H with i5-3570k.
  4. with an air cooler a lot of people have hit over 4g and been stable. ib cpu do run hotter then sb and dont over clock as far as sb do. the other issue and it every overclock-er is who good of a cpu did they get. it it one that will crash with a little over clock or will it clock real well??
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