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Replace Intel PCU 2.80 GHz with 3.2 GHz

I have a Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz. Board Model: OM3918 tells me it's a OME. I'm looking for a PCU chipset to go from 2.80 GHz to at least a 3.2 GHz. I also need to upgrade the fan speed. I'm having a hard time finding the right PCU chip for my Desktop. Want to improve my PC proformance.
Can you help me find the right CPU and fan replacement for my Motherboard? I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you for your time.
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  1. ok, that seems like a pentium 4 socket 775 cpu, the best place to find a replacement would be EBAY, but that is an ancient platform and you might want to concider doing a total system rebuild
  2. When you say a total rebuild, Do you mean a new Motherboard?
  3. Probably more than just a new motherboard and RAM. The video card, hard drives, sound card, and many others can also be included. Chances are, if you upgrade the CPU, you'll also have to upgrade the motherboard and RAM as well. If you've got an AGP video card, you'd likely have to upgrade it to the PCI-express standard (as AGP is expensive and unavailable on today's systems). PCI (non-express) still survives and is rarely used now.

    Edit: also, if you're using an OEM version of Windows, you may have to buy another copy of the OS. If you have the retail version, then there's nothing to worry about, provided it's a legal copy.
  4. Ok in terms you will understand, put it this way.

    Buy a NEW PC.
  5. ^^ x ∞
  6. I have a new 298 GB hard drive, an upgraded RAM 3 GB and a newer upgraded video card. And it is a PCIe video card. Not to much more I can upgrade other than the motherboard. Nearly rebuilt the whole system over 2 yrs. time.
    Thank you everybody for your replies.....Enjoy the Holidays.
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    A single core Pentium 4 at 2.8Ghz is slower than a single core Athlon 64 at 2Ghz or Core2 based Pentium E2160 at 1.8Ghz. A dual core P4 looks a little better, but not a whole lot. If you want to improve your PC speed you're better off getting a used Athlon X2 or Core 2 Duo setup than looking for an old motherboard especially if your CPU is socket 478.

    If you have a socket 775 model then you might be able to find a G41 or even P45 board that supports the lower FSB required to use an old P4 while still having OC options. I would recommend a ASRock board for that task.
  8. sod16 said:
    Ok in terms you will understand, put it this way.

    Buy a NEW PC.

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