Sabertooth 990fx Thermal radar PCIE-1 Temp

Hello, i want to ask u guys what is the recommended temp for the PCIE-1 in the thermal radar? because recently i have 60°C onload in that and show me a message warning i have the latest bios i remember this temp was like 35°C or this is normal?
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  1. 60c is not a good temp for the motherboards pci-e slot , are the fans working?
  2. Yeahp, the fans are working idle is at 49°C i dont know why its happen this :S my PC spec:

    Phenom II x4 945 @ 3.5ghz+ cooler master hyper 212 plus
    sabertooth 990fx
    8GB ram (2x4gb) kingstone hyperx 1600mhz
    Evga GTX 460 SC 1gb
    caste cooler master elite+front fan+rear fan
  3. If the case has onlt two fans then maybe it could use a few more for better circulation inside the case. Maybe add a side fan and a top fan.
  4. Mine is 27 degrees celsius
  5. I'm running the same board.
  6. As I said 60c is not a good temp and neither is 49c, you may need to clean out your case fans and maybe add a couple of fans.
  7. I agree , i have that same board and those temps are too high.
  8. I know :( i dont know why the temps increase so much in the pcie-1, was in the range of 30-40°C but suddenly they turn up... well i will buy another 2 fans, 1 top and 1 side.

    how can i put the side fan? throwing air inside the case? and the top fan pulling aire to outside the case?
    CASE: Cooler Master Elite 430
  9. At least fans are cheap enough so that it's something that you can try that doesn't cost a lot or put you out of service like a motherboard repair.
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