Just put Together new build, pretty happy, No budget

Just put together my new system over the weekend and finally have it up and running. Few tweaks still need to be done, and still might change some things around, but for now im pretty happy with it.

CPU---Intel i7-2600k

Motherboard---Asrock z68 Extreme4 Gen3

Ram---2x G.Skill Ripjaws X series 8gb (2 x4gb) ddr3 1600

Cooler--- Zalman CNPS9900ALED 120mm Cooler

Case--- Antec Twelve Hundred V3

Bluray--- Lite-on Bluray burner iHBS212-08

Powersupply--- Antec CP-1000 1000w

GPU1--- Nvidia EVGA GTX580 3GB

GPU2--- Nvidia EVGA GTX580 3GB

HDD 1- OCZ VERTEX 3 240gb Max Iops

HDD 2- Seagate Momentus XT 500gb

HDD 3-WD caviar Black 2tb

Might downgrade my HDD 1 to maybe just a standard 240gb, or 120gb or 120gb max iops. Dont know yet. I have on hand the standard 120gb, but out of non-reasoning fear i was missing something more out of my HDD i also bought the 240 max iops thinking i needed it.

Gaming right now on a 27" 1920x1200 Monitor so GPU is little overkill but i plan on either doing a multi-monitor setup or a super high-res single monitor not sure yet.

Was originally going to get the Maximus IV Extreme Z but i liked the idea of having PCI-e 3.0 on my mobo already and just future proofing it some more. Will probably upgrade to Ivybridge and either a 1 or 2 card pci-e 3.0 setup next year.

Budget was really no limit, i just wanted to make sure i future proof myself, and i will be able to play crysis 2, witcher 2, BF3, Rage, Skyrim and anything else coming my way on max settings.
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  1. bastard.
  2. get this

    they are running out, getting as fast as you can.
  3. Ya that is what i want to do for my monitor system. I just now need to do some more research on finding the right monitors. I thought Samsung had some slim bezel ones a few years ago, but im trying to find ones now with the right resolution, and As slim a bezel as possible. Smallest seam possible the better.

    Also i need to figure out what im going to do for a sound card. Im just using now the mobo onboard system. and still rocking my Logitech x53 5.1 setup. So somewhere in the future here i will probably upgrade sound card, and speaker system.

    Now all i have to do is start to do some benchmarks and hope this system will do what i hope it can do. But im sure i will still tinker here and there and add certain things.
  4. chulex67 said:

    +1 lol.

    re: "in the future here i will probably upgrade sound card, and speaker system"

    -- An alternative. Use the MB audio to send bits on the digital out. Bits are bits, no sound card can do better for digital out. Get a receiver with a good DAC (digital to analog convertor) and use that to drive a good pair of speakers or headphones. The sound difference will be stunning. No $50-$150 DAC/amp on a card sitting in a PC will match a good $300-500 receiver (power draw, cooling, electronic noise in case, price of components, video switching ability, etc.)

    Baring that, google USB attached DACs and also look at the x-fi Titanium HD sound card (remembering that if you use the digital out on the Titanium HD you are bypassing the on-board DAC and wasting a lot of money).
  5. @ Tsnor

    Thanks for the advice, i will definitetly look into that. Didnt even think of running it out to a reciever, but that just might be the way to go.

    Next I need to decided If i want another 5.1 or 7.1 speaker setup, or just get some really nice gaming headphones. Only problem with my speaker setup is its really hard to setup actual 5.1 speaker alignment. Having the speakers behind me just turns into a pain sometimes. So i don't know if i will get a new desk, or just get headphones.

    Just got crysis 2 installed, and now gonna go and download the EVGA SLI profile so i can enable SLI in it. Get some benchmarks on it. Will post my results. Going to run alot more tests this weekend.
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