New Cooler for Phenom X6

Even if it's in the dead of winter my 1075T X6 hits 61 C while gaming, which is very very hot for this particular CPU.
I'm looking at spire thermax eclipse ii.
One question: It says the fan speed is 2200RPM, while my stock fan reached over 5000. Does this mean that the Thermax doesn't go above 2200RPM, thus making it incompatible with my CPU?
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  1. Larger fans typically have a lower RPM. Double the radius means double the G-forces on the outer part of the fan but so the RPM is reduced to reduce the G-force load while also keeping the amount of air moved lower (I think that doubling the fan size means 4 times the air flow, since you're dealing with area). Earth may only rotate once a day, but it spins at the equator at a blazing fast 1000 mph.
  2. is compatible.speed is adjustible.BTW hyper 212 EVO is good cooler cause it is
    cheap,cool and easy to mount.
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