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I shouldn't have, but I did! My Winbox is now XP, and I actually like it. But it is a network nightmare. I can't seem to authenticate to my Linux machine thru samba

I can browse the network just fine, because the I have a guest account added to smbpasswd and my linux box. But when I try to actually write to the directory, it is a no go! This worked absolutely fine in Win2k, and so I'm wondering what may be different about XP.

Any ideas? Let me know where I may be going wrong. Any help appreciated.
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  1. Upgrade your Samba version? I know 2.0x has problems with XP...Maybe try 2.2x??

    My 2.07 has no problems w/ XP, but I don't use a guest account...

    Make sure you have the dir writable....
    Do you browse and writein guest mode but want to access in user-mode space? Lets say you use user "bob" with password "fred" on your XP machine. Make a user "bob" on the server, with passwd fred, then smbpasswd bob->fred. Now, browse to your server. You should be able to get in WITHOUT ENTERING A PASSWORD DIALOGUE...And on user "bob"'s accounts...

    Lots more info @, Including the exact authentication method used by Samba (and if I recall correctly, the first is localuser+passwd->sambauser+passwd, see above...). Also, make sure your plain-text/encrypted password situation is all good.

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  2. my friend had the same problem never got it to work so he went back to winn 200 pro he was running mandrake on his machine

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