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I just built my new computer with Asus p8z77 lk mobo and using a Rosewill Challenger U3 case. Everything works far. All my USB ports work except a single one. On the front of the case I have two USB 3.0 ports. One works, but the other only supplies power but does not read data. I can tell since my usb flash drives and external drives light up. But don't get a notification that it is reading.

Can anyone help? What I did notice was that the port for the motherboard and usb 3.0 connector are not as snug as any other components. You don't need a strong pull to get the usb connector out. Thanks in advance from a first time builder.
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    If your putting the connector into the usb header you want to make sure it's going in the right way, there are pnis and one blank missing pin that you should be lining up with the connector. Make sure that there are no bent pins and when inserting the connector into the header it should go in and not be easy to pull out.
  2. Omg. I am so disappointed and frustrated lol. This whole time it was a single bent pin. And since I kept trying to push the connector in, it bent pretty bad. The pin is curved and bend downwards. This explains why it was never snug.

    I guess I can live with how it currently working. It's not touch any other pin and when I plug the connector, everything works fine. Any suggestions on how to fix a pin that is bent downwards? Pencil trick wont work here...I need to get it out and then straighten it.
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  4. I would take a pair of needle nosed pliers to try and straighten it out.
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