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[Cpu] Heatsink and fan

About to buy a "AMD Phenom II X4 925 Deneb 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W" for my old "Asus m2n-e" motherboard. Which from a bios update, now supports this CPU. Its just that Asus only officially cupports the "c2" version of this chip. I can only find the "c3" version of this chip.
But ive been told it will work just fine, as long as its still 95w. Which it is.(or is it? lol)

Just would like some recommendations for a heatsink/fan to cool this CPU.

Been eyeballing

Im not worried about size. I have plenty of room.

Thing that turns me off on this. Is I will have to remove my motherboard. Which is a pain, dont really want to.

Have any recommendations for a heatsink/fan that does not require motherboard removal?

I plan to overclock in the future. Should i just bite the bullet and take my motherboard out?

I take it, to achieve a high level of cooling. Id have to change the bracket. Hence take out my motherboard.
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    One of these :
    If the CPU is on 95W TDP and your mobo support 95W cpu's its fine.
    If the motherboard tray have that big hole where is the CPU you don't have to remove the mobo.
  2. That seems to be what everybody recommends. Even though the product i linked. That sunbeam twister 120. Is rated and reviewed higher. Just simply a newer product. Not as well known.

    Then it also wont block a standard stick of RAM.
    Comes with extra fan and fan controller. Also operates quieter, even though it has 2 fans. With 1 fan being reversed. To create a turbine effect. That is used to cool a jet engine.

    if 1 more person recommends a 212. Then i will get that instead I guess lol

  3. hyper 212 evo with another fan for push pull, with this setup you can achieve 4.5+ ghz oc with great temps.
  4. Thanks. 212 it is then. Dont think i will even come close to 4.5ghz though, nice for future cpus
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