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IS there any independent comparison test for games frame rates, which will help user to choose a balanced CPU and GPU configuration ? Depending on users demands.

For Example in Anandtech CPU charts.Pentium Dual core E6300 can give 66 FPS for Crysis Warhead 1680*1050 My question is …is this the maximum FPS you can get from this processor irrespective of any GPU you use?

In Tomshardware Nvidia GTX 460 Geforce GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 can give 56.94 FPS for Crysis 2. Are these results are independet of Any CPU been used?

Is there any way to find out the balanced combination so that 1 does not bottleneck the other?
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  1. it depends on if the game is more gpu or cpu dependant.
  2. Yes, there is a way to find a balanced combination so hat the CPU-GPU doesn't end up bottle necking one another. And the balanced combination cannot be found by the benchmarks but by asking us here at Toms. :)
    Or then you can choose the fastest CPU, the fastest GPU, the fastest RAM and Mobo and that;s it. Then you can fine tune each and you'll not end up with bottlenecks..... but, that is going to coast 2 Kidneys, 2 Arms, 2 Legs, 1 Liver, 1 Brain and a few other not so important parts of the body plus the house....
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