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Hey everyone, I was wondering what mobo would be best for the gaming rig I am trying to build. My proposed specs are below.

Intel i5-3570k $190
(2) PNY 2x4Gb 1600 for 16Gb total Already own
Corsair CX 750watt Already own
Zalman Z11 Plus Case $45
AMD 6950 2Gb reference Already own
Regular 7200 SATA HDD Already own

I am looking into buying an AMD 7850 or 7970 (still deciding on overall budget) and down the road once prices fall I would like to run 2 of whatever I pick in crossfire. I was looking at the following three motherboards because they received good reviews.

Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H for $130

Gigabyte Z77X-D3H for $130

ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 for $85

Will any of these be better for crossfire in the future? I am new to the idea as I have only had 1 card in the past. Any suggestions for any other boards or anything else? I am trying to keep a tight budget (besides the graphics card) so $45 difference is large to me unless there will be signficant improvements between the boards. I am going to low-moderately overclock in the future too. Thanks!
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    If you are tight on budget then go for asrock. It will be good for everything, crossfire, overclocking.

    If not then gigabyte is my choice. The Z77X-D3H will be good.
  2. The Z77X-D3H us a really nice motherboard and like mubin said, if you're on a budget then go for the ASRock - That board won't disappoint you either. :)
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