What do L3,L2&L1 cache in cpu???

i got a question here...what are L3 L2 and L1 chache do on a cpu?because im thinking to buy amd p2 x4 840..and it doesnt have a LvL 3 cache on it.i want to know if those cache makes the cpu faster
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  1. Depending on what your doing, then yes it does.

    Id get a 9xx one. They have l3 cache.

    It keeps instruction sets. For maximum speed. Instead of doing this on the motherboard. Its on the cpu.

    I take it you want this one. Because you have a motherboard that has a bios update. Then you wanted more "mhz" instead of the newer chip that your mobo supports.
    Id take L3 cache over 200-400mhz anyday.
    Then if you research. Youll see that the 9xx series. Has what that 840 has plus the L3.

    A long time ago. When intel released their "extreme" chips. The cache was what made it faster.

    Then Im pretty sure. Both are in same price range. Unless you have a stupid deal on the 840. Id get a 9xx one.
  2. wikipedia:
    having L3 cache is better than having more ghz. one can always overclock a cpu to add more clockspeed, but not cache. L3 cache does have impact on cpu performance.
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