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In the last couple of days, I have had trouble booting my PC - it will freeze at the initial screen where it just has a graphic showing the model of my motherboard, saying hit DEL to enter set-up. After 2 or 3 hard resets, the PC will boot normally. Has anyone else experienced this or know what the cause might be? I haven't noticed anything different happening other than this (ie, once I am able to boot up my system, everything seems to run normaly).

My system:
Wolfdale e8400 processor
Asus P5QL-E motherboard
4 gigs DDR2 ram
120 GB Intel 520 boot drive
AMD 6950 video card

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Are there any messages on the boot screen to accept changes?
    Did you move you memory or re-seat it. Maybe memory module going bad. If it says updating after you hit enter something is changing in your hardware. I would test the memory or re-seat it. If you are running RAID maybe a disk is dropping out.
  2. Not running RAID, and haven't moved any memory around but I will try re-seating my RAM.
  3. Nope re seating the ram didnt help. Any other suggestions?
  4. Maybe some timings are off in the bios. I would use default settings in the bios and see if that helps.
    You might check windows diagnosis and see if you have any hardware conflicts. I go in and turn off all components in my BIOS that I am not using like serial/parallel printer ports so disable things you are not using. After you go in the BIOS after it hangs up and makes you enter the bios. You accept changes does it say updating CMOS or anything like that then some piece of hardware is going bad or not plugged in right. It has to update because the hardware configuration has changed nothing to do with software.
  5. I haven't adjusted any timings for my RAM, it's remained at the defaults. I haven't installed any new hardware in months and everything ran fine until 2 or 3 days ago... although I did check and I don't see any hardware conflicts.

    When these freezes do occur, I can't even get into the BIOS settings, the computer just freezes as soon as the ASUS screen comes up saying hit DEL to enter setup, but I can't enter setup or do anything other than a hard reset.

    I'm not that experienced in hardware support but to me it seems to be a motherboard issue for sure... does it sound like it's time to replace my motherboard? I was hoping my system would hold out for me until Haswell... any other ideas before I start researching new motherboards?
  6. Reset bios by removing bios battery for 1 min, then insert again. Do you here any beep code?
  7. Ok, obvious noob questions - where is the bios battery and how do you remove it? I seem to have lost my motherboard manual when I moved.
  8. Look for silver tablet battery near the south bridge chipset. There is clip like in battery holder. Just push it gently and remove the battery. Make sure that the power is off.
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    Check the red arrow.
  10. ah ok, I will give that a try tonight. Thanks!
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  12. Took out the battery and then updated to the most recent BIOS and seems to be working fine now - thanks all!
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