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Alright guys , my new motherboard ASUS P8H61-M LX Rev 2.0 came yesterday and i thought of starting it up. Since it supports the 22nm processors , i placed my Core i5 3450 ivy bridge inside , conencted the 24 Pin connectors , conencted 4 pin Atx12V connectors , conencted HDD and Optical Drive and i double checked each and everything and it was all perfect.
The problem arises when i connected the Front Panel cables of my Cooler Master Elite 431 Cabinet , i connected it accordingly to what the manual suggested and there wasnt anything wrong but my pc refused to start up . I wonder what went wrong ? The power button on the cabinet does nothing
i am damn sure that i have inserted my HD led , Reset and Power Pins to the correct Fpanel on the motherboard.

Could it be the problem with the wires of Front panel of my cabinet?
Could it be the problem with the motherboard's front panel pins?

NOTE : The green LED of the Motherboard blinks telling me that the supply of electricity is flowing to my motherboard. but i cant see my PSU fan spinning 9 of course it wont , coz the power button aint starting up).

Any help is very very very much Appreciated
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  1. Did you flash motherboard bios to new one to supports Ivy Bridge? H61 supports IB when you flash bios to new one.

    To flash bios to new old sandy bridge cpu in mobo.
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