CPU overheat problem i7 2600 ASUS P67

Well, I just got my last driver(Win7X67Ultimate)+BIOS update done on this new comp,
i7 2600
P67-M Rev 3
Corsair A70 CPU cooler

Sadly, with all fans at 100%,
I'm still having problems, my CPU apears to be overheating, but I'm not sure about that...

SpeedFan shows all core temps at their normal low ends, but the AUX and CPU temp remain very high,
AUX usually at ~70C and CPU at 85~90C.

These are NOT the desired temperatures.

My room temp's pretty low, being winter, and the case has 2 fans working with the CPU fan, plus GPU and SSD fans.

I'm considering switching to Corsair's H100, since this case has loads of room(Thermaltake Chaser MK), but I want it to be the last resurt, it's 580NIS.

BIOS shows CPU temp at 25C, and I also had no problems when this comp had Ubuntu installed on it, prior to the Windows installation (Which was an obvious mistake, as usual).

Sadly, while it goes as low as 40C if enough load is put on the CPU, when idle, it shoots back up to 85~90C in windows.

I've heard of this problem before, but have googles and found no solution :/

I hope someone here can help :/

Thanks in advance,
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  1. what cooler? Is it mounted on properly?
  2. If there is a big difference between BIOS and speedfan I would start by checking with another software like for example core temp http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
  3. Are you sure the thermal grease / paste is applied correctly? Unless there is some overclocking involved, it shouldn't be that high.
    Also, have you tried running the computer with the side panel opened to feel if the actual temp is "that" high?
  4. The cooler is the Corsair A70, as for other programs, CPUID HWMonitor shows jumps from 0C to 64C on both AUX and CPU,
    CoreTemp shows normal temps for all 4 cores, but it doesn't show the CPU reading SpeedFan and CPUID HWMonitor do.

    Btw, while CPU temp goes down the more load I put on it, the AUX temp doesn't go down that much.
    Other than that, it acts like the CPU does, oddly.

    I'll try feeling for the temp and post a reply. (need to unscrew that panel for access, it doesn't just come off, and I can't move this PC much without disconnecting the RJ plug, it's locking mechanism is broken so it comes off :/)

    I just checked the area of the core, the metalic rig for the cooler is cold, the board itself isn't worm at all.

  5. *BUMP*

    Still un-answered :/

    Changed MB and CPU, seems to have stopped the shutdowns, but SpeedFan still shows the same.

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