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hey what would be the best mobo for me, capable of 32gb memory, good for AMD processor, versatile for changes over time, and under 300$(225 ideally).
Oh and blue, I love blue...
I also plan to over clock the processor by ~1.2ghz...

P.s. I'm a computer no0b so prepare to dumb things down a bit;)
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  1. You dont need all $300. Just $135 for 32gb supported mobo.

    Check this gigabyte one. It will be good.

    But why do you need 32gb ram? Gaming or some kinda editing work?
  2. I second that MB. It's one of the best you can get.
  3. What about a X79-UP4?
  4. Also, I'm doing post 100 round zombie videos and skyrim and after effects and rendering and even with 8gb it's not able to handle it, so rather than go up to 16 and have say 3 years from now even more strenuous programs, I'd want the breathing room for 32 or even 64 when I start getting decent with more editing programs.
  5. CashlessStudent said:
    What about a X79-UP4?

    Its for intel processor and supports 64gb memory. If you want to use that mobo you need very high budget.

    First chose whether you want Intel or AMD processor. If you are serious multi-tasker and do high end editing, then go for Intel based system. It will be great.

    Otherwise, AMD 8-core is good for normal editing.
  6. Yeah about 5 minutes after that post I realized some of those issues...umm oops, anyways I just started looking in the right section and came up with a few more:

    I'm open to the other one its just that being new, I want to make sure I'm thinking of all of the options instead of getting a piece of advice and running with it like I normally do...
  7. They are differ for PCI-E slot and UD3 dont has a marvell chip. But other feature is same.

    If you dont care about more than 6 SATA port and eSATA at back then UD3 is good enough for you. Check the product comparison:,3996,3880,3901
  8. XXStavrosXX said:

    That MSI is too much with improve audio and PCI-E slot bandwidth. Its not worth for him @ $28 more.
  9. Check the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3+ and use the balance amount for a better cooling solution as the AMD processors run pretty hot
  10. Alright something new to work with, I'm getting water cooling so now over heating will be less of a factor. By the way. My processor is an AMD FX 4100 3.6 GHz Black Edition Unlocked and once I get water cooling I'm over clocking it by about 1-1.2 ghz.
  11. If you are planning to overclock and have reasonable closed loop water cooling solution in place why not go for FX-8120? its nice to overclock as well. I am planning something similar but going for ASUS M5A97 R2.0 or M5A97 EVO R2.0 as its in my budget.
  12. An even faster processor would be awesome but I only have enough to upgrade the motherboard and get a decent graphics card.
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