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Any suggestions, and help would be very much appreciated. I have been a builder for many years, but never have I built a gaming rig.

I know im going to get all kinds of negative comments about amd vs intel, and that gaming doesnt use 6 cores. i dont want to debate, so if youre not here to help, just move on.

BUT, I AM building this around an AMD 1100T. I would like to know the best suggestions for motherboard, video, and memory. I am NOT changing my mind on the cpu. also, im going to OC this to 4.0 ghz so i am leaning toward a gigabyte MB like on my last build.

I plan to buy 1 video card now that will be operating 2 monitors, and (if possible) will probably want to crossfire later continuing to use both monitors.

also i need to know how much power i need (power supply) any suggestions would be appreciated there also.

probably going to use an h50 or h70 cooler, 8 gb ram, (2) 7200 rpm 1T hard drives (raid 0) sata6, and want usb 3.0

if im forgetting anything, please let me know

thank you very much for your time.
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  1. you are aware of the impending bulldozer release right? im moving on.
  2. And the 6 core Bulldozer's are looking cheap.But if your set in stone, we need monitor resolutions and budget. Also it seems you have brand preferences, are those a very big deal or just based on good experiences?
  3. brand preferences are based on good experience- 800 budget not including cpu

    the bulldozer and the motherboard it takes to run it are going to be out of my range
  4. WD Blue 1TB Sata 3(6Gb/s)-$120
    8Gb Ram-$40-$50
    990X MOBO-$140
    970 MOBO-$105 (4x can fullfill almost all crossfire bandwidth needs, I have an article to prove this I just need to find it)
    Video Card(s)-You didnt give resolution, I am assuming 1080p. Are you going to game on both screens or only one?
    Cpu- 1100T=$190 Bulldozer 6core=$175(
    PSU- Go 700w for 6870/460(560) or below and 800w if above a 6870/460(560), just so the 12v rail has enough amps. XFX 650w (I know its not 700w but its a single rail with enough amps or XFX 750w or NZXT Hale 750w (again not 800w but they are single rails)
    So you can afford Bulldozer.
    Bit sporadic but I hope it helps a bit
  5. gaming on one screen- web on the other. current settings are 1600X900 on the gaming, but wouldnt hurt to go for better.
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