Only half of new RAM is recognised

I have just replaced my 2x1GB RAM sticks with 2x2GB RAM sticks. The computer boots up fine, but when I look in computer properties it is only recognising 2GB of RAM.

I have Windows 7 64-bit installed. The 2 RAM sticks are installed in the first 2 slots on the mother board, as instructed in the manual, and where I removed the original 2 from.

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3

Anybody able to help me with this one?
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  1. Have u tried installing in same color slots? Is ur RAM DDR3?
  2. Install ram in sequence. Slot_1 and slot_3(channel 0) or slot_2 and slot_4(channel 1). Two different color slot.

    You use first 2 slot, means different channel. Thats why another 2gb is not recognize. Install in same channel and you will be fine.
  3. All sorted now - not sure what the problem actually was butI switched the 2 ram sticks around in the same slots and it is working fine now!. Thankyou for your replies
  4. You mean same color slot? But different color slot is recommended for running dual channel memory. Ram in same color will not enable dual channel.
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