Best RAM for gaming?

I need your guys' opinion since I need to replace my memory. I got a BSOD about something with Physical Memory Dump and then it restarted. And I've also noticed recently I've been getting a red LED light-up next to my RAM slots upon boot. So, I'm planning on replacing my RAM. Well, regardless of the issue - I'd be replacing it anyways for my upgrade.

Anyways, I don't do much gaming, but I want to buy memory that'd suit gaming. I don't play high intensity games like WoW or such. But I do play stuff like Minecraft, RuneScape, League of Legends, etc. I don't have a graphics card yet, but fixing to buy one. But first, I need to get this memory issue sorted before it worsens.

Here's my specs:
- CPU: AMD Athlon II x220 Dual Core 64 Bit (Upgrading to Phenom soon).
- RAM: 8GB Crucial (Looking to upgrade ASAP).
- PSU: 450W Bostec (Upgrading to OCZ ZT Series 650W).
- GPU: Onboard (Upgrading to EVGA GTX 550 Ti Fermi).

Here's my ideas:
- 8GB Corsair Vengeance (Ranked #1 on Squidoo for gaming RAM 2012):

- 8GB G. Skill Ripjaws Series (Ranked #4 on Squidoo for gaming RAM 2012):

- Or the G. Skill Sniper Series

What're your thoughts? Personal experience? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Really, either of them.

    They will all work perfectly and there is no difference in performance.
    RAM has very little effect on your FPS when you are running a GPU.

    I use the 8gb G.Skill Ripjaws myself, had no problems at all.
  2. All the same. Basically its just cosmetic on choosing. I personally have Ripjaw X. No problems.
  3. ram wont affect gaming performance much(at the most, 1 fps, which is negligable) except in the single occasion where the ram is to promote faster vram for an integrated graphic card like Llano and Trinity chips.
  4. So neither of you have had issues? What should I go with as far as MHz? 1333 or what?
  5. after 1600, it peaks off and ram doesn't give any beneficial performance for the price. though, most cpus are innately 1333 and must be manually switched to 1600 mode.
  6. So I should just go with 1333? Would that suit my mobo?
  7. cant say, i would think 1333 is fine enough, but i dont know the cpus ram speeds it can use up to. im sure 1333 is in it but not sure if 1600 is supported or not.
  8. I'll just go with 1333 just to be safe and since that's what I'm using now.
  9. No problem with the G.Skill Ripjaw X I have and the Speed is 1600. Motherboard read it at the correct speed without me having to do anything to the memory.
  10. Why waste money on ram if you're going to get the same performance as your old ram? Unless you need more ram for video editing. Otherwise, I would save up and upgrade your other parts for a bit more.
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